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This website is not the official website of the film The Grandmaster, or any of the staff, crews, actors, and actresses who are part of the film. This is not
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In order for you to better understand not just the film but the website as well, we have posted here some of the most commonly asked questions by our guests
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Witness here what our guests have been saying about us. Interact with them harmoniously and learn about what they think of The Grandmaster as a whole. @IsabelleFleurs This website gave
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Channeling the Inner Grandmaster In You

Our Mission

Heya! Have you been going out lately of your contemporary garage door in Wichita? If yes, then it is possible that you were also able to stumble into The Grandmaster film. How did you find the movie? Let us talk about that here.


The Film

The Grandmaster is a film that has been gaining the attention of the international film industry. It is of Asian origin as what is evident in the actors and actresses who portrayed the characters in the film. This was starred by Tony Leung and Ziyi Zhang and was directed by one of the most well-known and multi-awarded filmmakers, Wong Kar Wai.

From the title itself, the story runs around The Grandmaster who is also a known legendary kung fu master Ip Man. The setting encompasses those chaotic years where wars and skirmish of all kinds are present. It features the golden age of the Chinese martial arts. It is an action film that was set in some beautiful regions of China. That alone incorporates layer after layer of history and culture which are among the elements that charmed the people in watching. It was a historical action film that anyone shouldn’t miss.

The film was very educational from start to finish. It portrayed the practices from the times of the old which never failed to let the audience feel amazed. It was every inch something to be proud. It was a film that was never scrimped but at the same time made accessible to the general public.

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The Website

So what is this website all about? Simple. This is made mainly to provide all the needed information to understand better the film. This is not the film’s official website or was this website affiliated to the people behind that film. We are, however, enthusiasts who are creating awareness to a high-grade film like this. We are seeking for it to get the must needed attention from the international community so that people can learn more about The Grandmaster.

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The Content

What do we post on this site? We regularly post articles here about all the things you need to know about the film. This includes their ratings and the most recent news about the actors and actresses who had been a part of it.

We give you the latest news about the awards and recognition gained by the film as a whole, or individually by the staff who made this film a possibility. We give you all things you should know about it.

Aside from news, this site also opens a platform for fans to come as one. We have here a forum site wherein everyone could discuss anything and everything about the film – make a film review, or express their deepest thoughts about The Grandmaster.

We also give the fans news on where they can possibly get fan paraphernalia to signify their love to the film. That and more when you subscribe with us.


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