In order for you to better understand not just the film but the website as well, we have posted here some of the most commonly asked questions by our guests in the forum page and some they sent to us directly. We hope this would help you understand everything better.

Is The Grandmaster a TV Series?

As much as we wish that it is, because of the thrill and excitement it brings, The Grandmaster is actually a film. It is an action film that highlights the beautiful life of a legendary kung fu master. From that alone, you can already get that this film is action packed and full of adventures. The best thing about this is that it even portrays the rich culture of China as it encompasses several significant events in the past which made China as it is today.

Can the copy of the movie be found here?

Nope. But the trailer can be watched here. Please go to legitimate sites if ever you want to watch the movie. The trailer, however, which continuously plays here would give you an overview of the film.

Do I need to register in order to watch the trailer? How about to access the content of this site?

Registration is not necessary unless you are going to subscribe to the newsletter or you are going to engage with other people at the forum site. Otherwise, all the content of this site is free for all.

Do you need my credit card details when I register?

That is not necessary since we won’t ask you for any payment upon registration. What you need to do is to have a valid email address because we are going to send there the confirmation link for your registration before we allow you to start corresponding with other members.